Accounts Unlocked for Doctors

Private Practitioners like yourself run small businesses. Unlike many small businesses they do not have finance managers who are looking at minimising expenditure, maximising net income and increasing revenue all of the time. Rather what they usually have is an accounting partner who simply ensures they are compliant.

Accounts Unlocked for Doctors provides you with a genuine financial management partnership, which puts in place an entire financial management team for your business without you having to employ them.

Did you know most consultants pay too much tax? We are here to help simplify your life and to ensure that you keep more of what you earn!

You can relax in the knowledge that we are overseeing your accounts – No more nasty surprises at the end of the tax year – Which leaves you free to get on with building your practice and taking care of your patients.

Let’s chat and see how we can help you to increase your income and keep more of what you earn! Book a free, no obligation consultation today. Simply enter your name, number and convenient time below and we’ll call you back:

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Why we are different


Give us your most recent tax return and the information you supplied, and we will do a complete health check for you FOC. If we don’t spot anything we can legitimately help you with, we won’t bother to ask you again. It’s risk free!


No surprise tax bills – prompt completion of tax returns. no unnecessary administration and unwanted enquiries from HMRC, our services is specifically designed around you doing less hours and having less hassle whilst earning more.


Our partners are the City’s best. They will offer personalised advice on your financial investments and online broker coaching for stocks and shares.

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What Our Clients Say

“I have been with Accounts Unlocked for Doctors for over 2 years and the service has been exceptional! I have found them most helpful in all matters of tax advice, private practice and accounting. Most importantly, someone is always available to speak directly with and all enquiries are dealt with efficiently and effectively. I would highly recommend them and they have made my private practice much more easy to handle by looking after the financial side of things”

Marc Lucky

“Working with AUFD is easy and efficient and communication is excellent. Previously I had separate accountants, mortgage advisors and life assurance – AUFD have brought this under one umbrella and their mortgage and wealth management advisors work together to provide long term planning for the whole family. Their fees are comparable to other accountants but the savings made are considerable. I would certainly encourage all doctors to consider the services of Accounts Unlocked for Doctors”

Sameer Singh

“I have known Charles for ten years and he is a really good and trustworthy guy; he knows a huge amount about private practice in the UK and he introduced me to Don, his business partner, who is a very welcome addition for me, business-wise – proactive, customer-centric and a certified and chartered accountant with a team of people who really want to help and support. What a problem solver! As a minimum, I would recommend you have a chat with them; why not?”

R Ackroyd

“What I have enjoyed most is the proactiveness – Don is a businessman as well as an accountant and he knows small business like the back of his hand – Charles has a real wealth of knowledge about developing private practice – it just works!”

Mr R B (Spinal Surgeon)

“After years of paying too much tax and regular ‘surprises’ working with other accountants, I have found Accounts Unlocked for Doctors! They have astounding knowledge of private practice, really proactive and friendly staff and they have made my life miles easier and my practice MUCH more profitable!”

Prof. G B

“I have known Charles Byrne for nearly 10 years and would recommend his services. He understands the business side of the medical profession but most importantly will work hard for you and help maximise your earnings”

B Chang