Concierge Medicine: The Future is here!

Let’s step outside the traditional health system where patients face difficulties in securing  appointments and take a look at a new emerging trend – Concierge medicine.

With concierge medicine Patients receive same day visits, longer appointment times and round-the-clock access by phone, text or e-mail in exchange for a monthly or annual fee.

The Benefits of Concierge Medicine for the Patient

Concierge medicine allows time for doctors to actually engage with their patients more fully and do everything from walking with them to teaching good health care. In turn this means Doctors can focus more on prevention.

A British Medical Journal study showing health outcomes of Qliance, a direct primary care group offering Concierge services found patients experienced “35% fewer hospitalizations, 65% fewer emergency department visits, 66% fewer specialist visits, and 82% fewer surgeries than similar populations.”

The Benefits of Concierge Medicine for the Provider

Until now concierge Doctors have been thought to be only for the rich and famous, just an expensive luxury. However more and more doctors are beginning to offer this option.

The pay is obviously a lot better, but it also to also allows for a more diverse and full service to be provided to the patients you care for, meaning that you can spend more time with patients.

As more Doctors begin to move across to this method, the cost for the service will become reachable for the every day person.

Getting The Right Tools

Concierge Doctors need to own most of their own equipment and surround themselves with the best solutions and services.

Instead of having to worry about how the office is running they need to focus their attention on developing cliental relations and keeping their patients at optimum health.

Accounts Unlocked for Doctors provides solutions for the Concierge Doctor. We put together a financial management team for your business without you having to employ them. We even offer a full practice management and administration service if you prefer.

This frees you up to provide your service.

We can offer you advice about the following:

  • Pricing of consultations to all insurers and self paying patients
  • Sales strategies
  • Marketing plans
  • HR issues
  • Administration efficiencies
  • Medical indemnity
  • Governance and audit

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