Doctors Should Hire Accountants with a Good Bedside Manner

An accountant is an accountant is an accountant. In reality however, that’s not always the case.

A doctor should hire an accountant that specialises in the medical industry. Just as a patient would want a specialist tending to their specific diagnosis, so should a doctor want an accountant that specialises within the medical profession.

Additionally, just as a patient wants a doctor with a good beside manner, so should a doctor hire an accountant with people skills and a personal connection that creates a good business relationship.

After all clear communication when it comes to your bottom line and saving you money is vitally important.


Even Accountants Should have Good Listening Skills

Just as a good doctor has good listening skills, so should accountants.

The best accountants ask questions and then focus on your answers. These questions should range from important business issues to your personal financial goals. This is your business after all, it is how you make a living and how you will support yourself and your family after you retire.


Business Intuition Should be a Given for Accountants

Make sure you choose an accountant who knows about the daily operations of a doctor’s office along with ways to help make it more cost efficient as your private practice grows.

A doctor’s private practice will be profitable only if it has a short term, mid-term, and long term business plan. If you don’t have a plan, pick an accountant who can help you create one and stick to it.


Accountants with a Personality and Sense of Humour

People like to do business with those who have a personality and a sense of humour. This is true for serious occupations such as doctors or lawyers as it is for less-serious vocations such as plumbers and mechanics.

You want an accountant who you can talk to, joke with, and most importantly trust with the bottom line and tax filings of your private practice. If they can also play a mean round of golf, well that’s all the better!


Money and Billing

When interviewing accountants for your private practice, make sure you ask about billing. The accountant should be able to explain in clear terms how you will be billed.

Most accountants bill on an hourly rate, however some accountants offer monthly packages for their services.

What you pay is dependant upon what types of services you want and what type of private practice you have. You might be starting out and need simple services, or your practice may be more established with more complex services.

Your Accountant should offer a package that fits with your individual requirements.


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