How Does GP Funding In Your CCG Compare To The Rest Of England?

The average funding per patient across all GP practices in England has increased at a steady pace since the initial data on payments to general practice – for the 2013/14 financial year – were published by NHS Digital.

Data published in late 2017 revealed that the average funding per patient for GP practices was £151 for 2016/17 – up from £136.01 in 2013/14. But there are many different circumstances to be considered as well as variations in the average amount of funding GP practices receive between CCG areas which remain huge, and was roughly unchanged in 2016/17 compared with the previous year.

In NHS Central Manchester CCG, practices received £115.54 on average per weighted patient in 2016/17 – the lowest average figure in the country. In NHS North Norfolk CCG, however, practices receive £216.72 – almost twice as much per weighted patient.

Map: find out how funding in your CCG compares


The difference between the areas that receive GP funding between the best- and worst-funded CCG areas in 2016/17 is lower than it was in 2014/15, NHS Digital’s data reveal. In 2014/15, GP practices in the best-funded CCG area received around £215 per weighted patient, compared with £105.19 in the worst-funded area. However, compared with 2015/16, when the range was around £110 to £210, very little changed in 2016/17.

GP leaders have warned that despite a rise in GP funding in 2016/17, overall investment in general practice is failing to keep track with the ever increasing workload and demand.

The BMA has predicted that general practice funding will fall short by £3.4bn in 2020/21 of the 11% share of overall NHS funding the profession needs.