What Does Your Website Say About Your Medical Practice?

First impressions are made within 30 seconds of people visiting your website for the first time or calling your medical office on the phone. It’s very hard to overcome a bad first impression!

Your website is your online storefront and effects how potential patients see your practice.

These days people do their research online before making a call or visiting a surgery in person. Make sure your medical practice website represents your business and your practice correctly.

Here are some questions to help evaluate your current website.


Can your website be viewed easily on different devices?

People access your website from different device – Desktop computers, tablets and mobile / smart phones. Make sure your website is responsive.

The term “responsive” simply means that your website adjusts to be seen easily from all of these different devices. Many websites these days are designed using templates that are responsive to the type of screen (desktop, tablet, or mobile) from which they are being viewed.


Be aware of broken links on your website

Nothing interrupts a customer’s experience more than clicking on a link for more information and  getting the 404 message “page not found”. It stops them from continuing their journey through your website and they may decide to ‘click away’ to another doctor’s website. Then you’ve lost a potential patient.


Do your web pages load quickly?

Another interruption to the customer’s experience is slow-loading webpages. We have become an impatient society, used to everything happening fast! If a webpage takes more than 2 seconds to load on any device (desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone) studies show that 87% of people will click away and try another site.


Does your website have a consistent look?

Have you ever been on a website where the pages look so different from each other that you wonder if you are on the same website? Having a consistent look means a website has colour and design elements that match throughout the whole website. This provides customers with a seamless journey through the website and builds trust and credibility for your practice.


Is information easy to recognise and find?

The words and headlines on a website allow customers to scan your website for information. Almost just as important, Google uses the words on your website to determine where your website appears when people search for specific words (also known as keywords).

Make sure the titles and words accurately describe the information below it. This can be done by using keywords (popular words) that customers know and recognise. Be careful not to get too technical or use too many medical terms that a potential patient won’t be able to understand. Just think about what a potential patient might put into a search engine when looking for help.


At Accounts Unlocked for Doctors we offer website design and development services using the best practices for modern website design.

Your website can be a pleasant experience for new and current patients that will keep them coming back and referring you to their friends and family. Call us on 01233 627 339 and book a free consultation.

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