Patients Could Face Longer Waits This Winter Due To Healthcare Professional’s Pension Problems

In a bid to protect their earnings, healthcare professionals including surgeons and general practitioners are cutting their hours due to the pension crisis that has taken over the healthcare sector the last few months.

It is thought that more than two thirds of surgeons have cut down their hours due to a combination of tax and pension rules that have seen professionals worse off, financially, when they work harder.

The readjusted rules means that healthcare professionals could see up to 90 percent of their earnings taxed when they earn over £110,000, and this includes their pension contributions too.

The rulings have led to a number of surgeons and doctors cutting their hours down substantially, with further threats of going part time continuing to loom over surgeries and hospitals during the busiest time of year for healthcare professionals. A poll of almost 2,000 doctors reveals that 69 per cent of surgeons have cut down the amount of time they are spending working in the NHS as a direct result of rules with their pensions.

Boris Johnson has promised to fix the problems, however since those were made, a General Election has been announced for the 12th December. The current Prime Minister pledged that he would work with the treasury to ensure positive improvements would be made by the next tax year in April 2020, again it is unforeseen that this will stand.

Patient wait lists have risen from 4 months to 10 months almost overnight and with the unsteady future regarding the current government promises, we don’t see this issue being resolved any time soon. The government want to offer a consultation into the situation, but with the winter months drawing in and patient care needs increasing, this is something that needs immediate attention, with a turn around of immediate effect.